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Candle Making Candles Rapeseed Wax

Spotlight on these new amazing, coloured candles that have arrived in store, available in an array of great colours, from the bright cobalt blue & mustard shades to more muted tones of light grey and vintage blue.  These tall table candles have a wonderful, ribbed design, reminiscent of elegant pillars in Victorian architecture.

The art of candle making has gained traction in recent seasons with all manner of styles & designs available from twists, gloss finishes, ombre tones and unique shapes but we think these are by far the most elegant interpretation of this trend. 

Made in the Netherlands, they are hand poured, which in turn means they have a longer burn time.  Made from Rapeseed wax, which is known for not only being natural & biodegradable, but also makes a great base for colourants.  Rapeseed oil is a renewable source from an easily grown plant so when it is burned it has no net release of carbon, so is effectively carbon neutral.  Vegan, Eco friendly and Fabulous…a great gift or addition to your candle collection.  Available in store & online.

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