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When looking at styling a room or shelves there are the traditional objects of choice vases, candlestick holders, plant pots, books etc.  This season we have a new addition to consider…Sculptures.  No longer just for the art collector or museums & galleries, Sculptures add a great deal of interest with their unique form and material… a non-functional, piece of art.  There is something about adding a piece that has no function that elevates a look, its not to hold flowers, bring light, hold a plant or to be read but a sculpture is simply to be.  There is something frivolous and indulgent about them.


We have a range of different options and materials available from the rustic wood & glass to the contemporary gloss vibrant ceramic and below you will see some of the ways in which the stylist has incorporated them from shelves to coffee table décor.


Is it something you can see in your home?


Take a look at out Decorative Objects section under Homewares on our Website or pop in store to take a look at our Sculptural pieces.

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