Mothers Day - Steph's Top Gift Picks

Mothers Day Gift

A day to celebrate and show appreciation for the mother or special person in your family. It’s also time to celebrate motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.


We have lots of special and thoughtful pieces to choose from to gift your special person. Here are a few of my favourites -


Dove grey ribbed Alpaca Socks £22

These super comfy and warm socks are the perfect gift. Alpaca is a yarn that is luxuriously soft but also breathable making them a great wear in both winter and summer months. Let your mum put her feet up and enjoy.


Double Floating Frame £29

New in store the double floating frame is perfect for gifting, add a photograph of loved ones or a memorable place. A child’s drawing or artwork in this frame would also make a thoughtful gift. 

Dark Green Glass Bottle £60

This striking glass hand blown vase is a stylish gift for interior loving mums.

Place in a well lit spot to reveal its emerald jewel tones to maximum effect.

Gift with or without blooms.


Dark Chocolate Bar - Eiffel Heart £6.50

For those with a sweet tooth we have a selection of French chocolate in store.

Not only does it taste delicious but has beautiful packaging using the work of talented artists and designers.


Beige Clay Geranium Bath Salts £23

Gift your mum these uplifting and fragrant bath salts. The high content of Epsom salt boosts the body’s magnesium level and will leave her body and feet feeling soft and cared for. Also available in unscented.

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