100% Natural Beauty Balm

100% Natural Beauty Balm

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This go to balm is something we all need because its uses are endless.  !00% natural the balm helps to support and strengthen the skin barrier; something has become increasingly important with the number of actives available in skin care and life itself.  Suitable for all skins including the extremely sensitive and eczema skin.


Uses include…face masks, cleansing balm, lip balm, eye cream, hair & scalp care, dry patches, sunburnt skin, insect bites and so on…


The strawberry seed oil in our balms is circular. The seeds are a by-product of the fruit juice industry, so no waste. They are then collected and pressed into a beautiful oil rich of anti-oxidant and essential fatty acids, which will do amazing things for your skin.


Created by Azur a natural body care brand created by a molecular biologist with a passion for both the skin and the environment.  Creating 100% natural products in a traditional way in the Netherlands.


Size - 50 g


Ingredients - Extra virgin shea butter, glycerine, strawberry seed oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, oatmeal


Care – 100% Natural, cruelty free & vegan, ethically & sustainably sourced


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