Sir Deercaf – Decaf Coffee

Sir Deercaf – Decaf Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Hazelnut Butter and Dark Chocolate

Process: Sparkling Water Decaf

As an ex resident of Brighton, where Wolfox coffee is based, I am a huge fan of their coffee and wanted to bring it to our customers.    Their coffees are produced by the indigenous farmers from the regions of Cuzco that follow in the footsteps of their ancestors working in harmony with the environment and mother Earth. The coffees are grown under shade covering with close attention paid to the health of the soils and irrigation to help the coffee trees thrive. The Sparkling Process can be classified as organic due to the complete lack of chemicals used throughout. This decaffeination process also ensure the original moisture content won’t be affected and the taste and aroma will be untouched.


Size – 250g


Material - Coffee Beans

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