Detox Savon

Detox Savon

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GreenMa is a French organic and zero waste brand of teas & soaps for a healthy daily life.  A focus on avoiding plastics or chemicals and instead using authentic, natural & sustainable materials from their beautiful glass packaging to their refreshing tea blends.  Made in France with the majority of their ingredients being sourced locally.

Both purifying with the presence of vegetable charcoal and very protective, this soap will bring softness and protection to your skin. It is scented with organic essential oils of sweet orange, exotic verbena and lemongrass.

Nourishing and protective, suitable for all skin types & ideal for oily skin
Purifying thanks to the presence of vegetable charcoal which colors it naturally
Fruity thanks to organic essential oils of lemongrass and sweet orange.


Material - Partially saponified sunflower *, coconut * and shea * oils and butter, infusion of Mama Detox * plants, vegetable glycerin (8%) from saponification, essential oils of exotic verbena *, sweet orange * and lemongrass *, vegetable charcoal *. * from organic farming.


Size - 7 x 6 x 2.5 cm


Care - Massage well onto wet skin, then rinse.

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